29 Jun 2018

View Web Version of this blog on iPhone

Today, I wanted to show my blog and how you can search in it. Till I realized, one has to go to the bottom of the post and click on "View web version". H
The red rectangle added by me so you can see where it is better. 

Till one does not click on View web version, one can see one post at a time and using > go to the previous or using later < to the next post. The right side of blog is missing. 

Here is what can be seen as Web Version:
Suddenly all the blog appears with the right side present too. At the top of the right side is the Search this blog : put in the tag words you want and the post where those words are first in the title and then in the text appear. One after other! 

In this way, you can also see the most visited blogposts (articles) and the archive with titles month by month, and going down, the links to some of my other blogs. 

More then half of you read this blog through iPhone, so I thought this information is important, in case you did not notice it till now. I just discovered it... today. 
The bottom only with View web version
Top of the Web version with Search and under it the Most Visited Posts
You can click and visit one of the ten most visited posts, or go look at the titles of archives, month by month or visit one of my other blogs. Nowadays, this is the only one in which I write day by day. 
Between almost 65,000 visits, this are the most visited posts. Did you read them? A click on any of them takes you directly to the article (post). But why not try instead first the search and look for what you are interested directly? Good discoveries!

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