30 Jun 2018

Meeting Mr & Mrs Paul E. White and Support from London to Kenya

Friday, I had the pleasure to met Paul E. White,whose wise explaining Pathways are still between the ten most visited, for so long now! 

Paul and his wife, Clelia, both from near Washington DC, are on honeymoon, and they passed by in London. 

They arrived late in London, after some adventures in the airport. We had a lunch together, and Paul gave me some wise advice and an idea what I could do for my Pathways DTM Project. 
Clelia, inspired my blogpost from yesterday, as I tried to show her my blog on her iphone. 

The time passed too fast, so much to tell each other! So happy that I was able to meet them in centre London!

I arrived by metro, called underground and the meeting point was in a café bar, where we finally had a lunch together.

So much to tell, so much to discuss! They both are now also members of my Witty Storytellers Online club, even of last months Paul could come less. I am looking forward when they will got time to tell us their stories, online. 

Saturday morning, Monica came to the Virtual Support Session, she told me the new team, BCM will come Monday afternoon. Monica asked me a lot of questions during the hour. Not the one I have prepared, but I answered with pleasure.

What is in Level 1 ? How you close a project?

This picture tells it (by Mark Snow) who is now through his 7 or 8th path, enjoying all of them a lot. Mastering fundamentals is very important, and we never do it enough.

I am now past my 6th Level one and today, one of my club VPE registered my 5th Level 4. Here we are with Monica from Kwanza Kenya, both of us will become presidents tomorrow, and care a lot for our club member and the new committee.

As you see from the background, I had prepared my blogpost about how you work as BCM, base camp manager. 

Instead she was interested in the projects of Level 1. Then Level 2. Then Level 3 and even those for the next two levels. I told about my experience of them and how I see them each, what I understood they finally asked from us.

All the long I was happy to tell and also sure all I said was recorded. At the end, I have realized, the recording was paused and I did not click on "resume recording". 

Nevertheless, Monica, VPE for one more day as me, and President of her club in Kenya from Sunday 1st July, was happy with all I told her. "The goal", she told me, "that next year, half of the club begin Pathways". We will have lot more to discuss, Monday and the next weekends with her and the team. I hope, other clubs will also get used to come to the Virtual Support Sessions. 

After the session, I found some old videos that answered to questions she asked. And some that could be useful for the next meeting, Monday. Time passed so fast for me! 

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