22 Jun 2018

Friday post missing? Idioms with "Cup"

I was so sure, I wrote yesterday evening. At least, I intended to do it. Friday, was my grand-daughter visit, and we had such a wonderful time together! But in the evening, even if I had "hundreds of thing to do" I had time to write.

Here is the blog post I had in my head, and probably not written down. 

While I researched "come with your cup empty" meaning come without prejudice on what you will hear and ready to learn what you will hear, ponder it at least well, I found a lot of other "idioms" all concerning the "cup" a cup. 

Idioms, are part of using good metaphors, sometime a saying that tells more to us then the word, we suddenly not only see the image, but the notion behind it enters us. We connect to it and add even to it from our experience.

As they are so many descriptive ways, I will have to take them best one by one, instead of trying to add all in one speech. Or one post. 

Not my cup of tea. Not for me. Not what I used to. 

Half empty or half full? this is the first I wrote about. The same thing that happens or happened to us, we can see as dark bad sad - empty; or we can see as hopeful, leading so something good, and be happy. Not everything is all black or or white. All empty or all full. And what is full alas can empty out, what is empty fills in with time. I wrote perhaps 10 or more years ago a story I have to find with this.

A storm in teacup. This one with new to me, but I understood : sometimes, we make to much from a relatively small thing.

Empty your cup, so it can be filled. That applies a lot nowadays to seasoned Toastmasters. In order to understand and be able to absorb what we get from Pathways, we have to let go what was, what we used lately.

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