23 Jun 2018

Read it, listen to it, before writing or doing, Julie!

I did not read careful enough, even when I published it here, just two days ago.
Before you speak, listen. But listen means carefully, and without prejudice, without already having decided what you will answer. I did not read carefully the Project suggestions, then I would have understood, "concentrate on one case study". My panel, also interesting, was too broad in scope. Ethic is a huge subject, can not be covered all in once! I had the occasion, no one used that time, no one wanted to speak, great. But going on too fast was not a very good idea. 

I am not sure, I did it today, during the Panel I moderated.

Before you spend - earn. Well, I never lived on credit, so that was not a problem. Usually, I do spend but not too much and my guilty pleasures, books, do not cost too much. Many I get on Kindle, and even most on Kindle unlimited, reading 10 then giving back one or two before asking for others.

Before you write, think. I am not sure I do not write this blogposts while thinking. Too used to writing in flow, as it comes to me, only sometimes going back, correcting. One advantage of it: it is authentic. But many times, I wake up in the middle of the night and think about what I will write in the morning. Or think, while preparing screenshots.

Before you quit, try. I do believe that I do and do and do. Try again and again and do not think "I failed" but think "I tried". The same is true for the last one, I know as I am already 84 which is just a number, that my years are numbered, know it only with my head. With my heart and soul I live and go for whatever new and interesting I can find, as did my great grandmother Paula even at 94. 

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