17 Jun 2018

Forth path certificate received today

A month after I filled it to TMI and five month after I finished it, today it arrived. My certificate of Proficient in Leadership Development.
It does have on it the date of 16th May, a day after our Witty Storytellers Online, and all undistricted clubs at the same time, launched Pathways. 

I did put this path's, this level five aside for my favorite club. We got with it, in the club, the maximum of six education awards needed.  

Last week, we had a great meeting, a workshop by Mark Hunter, at Witty Storytellers Online, and with it, our 21th member decided to sign up to our club. In a bit more then a month we went from 14 to 21, with an collective effort. Yes, we do have now enough DCP points for Presidential Distinguished club, but more important, we have very interesting, diverse new members. All but two, already on Pathways. I am looking forward new stories.

My Leadership Development Path was all dedicated to Personal Storytelling, our Witty Storytellers Online club speciality. It begun with a story told at a big family meeting in Normandy when I told them a story our common ancestor, my great grand-mother Paula told me when I was twelve years old, one of her own childhood events very important in her life. I still see it if I was there! 

My second speech was a story my father told me later, I must have been 14 at the time, and how I remembered it thirty years later, how it helped me as I remembered it. And so on it went demonstrating through stories, how important they can be and how long they can last. Then, creating storytelling event in my online club, selecting the best personal stories and going with them in December, all the way on the screens of Virginia, USA where other great storytellers told their stories in a university room. It was a meeting through Zoom, Screen, of many Storytelling clubs at same time. 

Lessons Learned? I had a meeting about it after the Storytelling festival! But personally, what I learned was to be aware what I ask: I may get it! I may not like it. 

At some time, there was an echo noise from the room, and I asked my great SAA to make sure there is silence while I tell my story. So I did not hear when the audience laughed, and did not stop while they did. They lost part of what I was telling as I did not stop. A great lesson for me. Increase the pause, and even if there is some noise, better then silence and loose the audience reaction! 
We also had a great Storytelling Panel discussion at Witty Storytellers Online, and I closed the path with a reflection about the path held also in one of the Virginia Toastmasters Club, remote access. As much as 100% online clubs are easy to attend and all be "together", the same is not yet true alas with most of the Remote Access clubs I attended so far. That will also improve with time, I am sure.

The badges are from my Base Camp and were there for some time. I finished first the Visionary Communication, then a few month later Presentation Mastery even if I did begin it almost at the same time. That one had ups and downs more then others. Leadership Development, finished beginning January 2018 and the last I finished was the Effective Coaching which needed a HPL at the end, so it lasted the longer. 

From each path I learned something different. Our life is varied, and even when we go to a similar path or same, we are not same at other times. We decide different things and see differently the same things. 

Three more path now in my Base camp at different levels, as usual. One at Level 5 already, Dynamic Leadership. One I am at level 3, Motivational Strategies, and just a few days ago I got Team Collaboration. Each path a new adventure to undertake.

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