Wednesday, 6 June 2018

“Speak about Pathways please!”

I was asked tonight, to speak about Pathways and what comes after Icebreaker. A good subject to speak about to an audience about something they do not know yet about. Study who is in, what is their knowledge, so on. One of my Level 3 Projects excellent for it.

First pathways presentation in a club
But the question the President asked me to talk about, a few days before the meeting, was Icebreaker done, now what? I read but do not understand well that second Project.

So I did prepare to it. Also added a bit about Icebreaker as some did already had a path but did not yet start. Then, suddenly, I was asked to explain Pathways to the guest. Who did not know a thing about the traditional education program, and will suddenly go Path as they join. And the lastest member, who just joined. All in maximum, together with QA in 15 minutes.

It seems my delivery was wonderful, but I told too much. Not enough of the beginner stuff, not enough for those who never heard about it yet.

Not easy when the audience is diverse and the time so limited and the subject so wast. Have to learn to do it simpler, better, next time. And that knowing that the audience will be diverse.

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