20 Jun 2018

Ethical decisions: what is "wrong or right" - for us?

One of the level 5 projects, elective project I opened the first time not long ago, is Ethical Leadership. It defines our ethic, the organization ethic, ethic depending on culture, and tells us that many decisions are not "right or wrong", they are more complex and depend... on our upbringing, our culture, the situation, a team.
What is ethical to use as background?

"One of the greatest challenges facing any leader motivated to make ethical choices is defining ethics. At face value, it should be a simple, straightforward assessment of what is right and what is wrong. Most leaders soon discover that right and wrong can be open to interpretation. Ethical choices can be affected by many factors including: the situation, culture, and professional expectations."

What we decide may be "ethic" for one and not ethic for another. And with time and experience and environment, even our opinion on it can change. "The content of your framework is unique to you and is not necessarily permanent; it may adjust over time and in different situations. "

What surprised me most, was that on the page Assignment, beside studying our ethic and defining our own "ethical framework" is asked from us to facilitate a Panel discussion on ethic, followed by questions and answers. 

Purpose: create also an opportunity for others to hear about and discuss "ethics" in our organization or community.

Which one? We have some Ethics, others have different. The organization may have also different from the community. 

Indeed, the introduction already says that many decisions are not "clear cut" they are more complex the we would think and it is useful also to discuss open with our team.

I got the time and Toastmasters who agreed to be in the Panel but then I discovered that it is also asked to have a non-toastmaster panelist, but with leadership experience. Where do I get the "non toastmaster" when lately I interact not much with any others? And how to get them to my Panel to Saturday early morning London time? 

Discussing in general, is not my thing, and anyway, the project suggest some practical examples. I thought of one, and my President suggested another.

Ethical "framework" for case study:

  • define the current issue
  • list the facts
  • your different options
  • core values impacted by decision
  • list the possible decisions
  • the rules of organization
  • who are the stakeholders?
  • each decision’s impact?

Is it ethical to share a whole Pathways Project with someone else? Is in necessary, useful, and with whom and when? I would answer as the project "it depends".

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