8 Jun 2018

Pathways Mentor and Club Mentor are different

In my Base Camp Profile, that it seems anyone who knows how to look for can see, there are two parts. 

The first is my photo I uploaded and my likes, interests. The second is this which you can see at right. 

My membership (even if my first one is not here as at the time they did not add them in a computer yet). My highest award. Probably, if I were not DTM yet, it could be my last path I completed: Leadership Mastery Proficient. Or the last Level I arrived in my path? 

Near it one can see the dates I have had the above roles. Only the Speech Evaluator, Toastmaster and Topicsmaster are required before completion of a Level 3, and it is me, who has to add the last roles and last dates, in my Universal Profile. VPE can verify it here, but it is not something which Base Camp Verifies or enforces. For now at least.

One can also be seen, that under Pathways Mentor is No. But between my badges, that are inside the e-portofolio, the Pathways Mentor Program is activated, as I did read, so completed the first part. In this picture, you can also see how it looks when a path is finished "Proficient". When a Level is finished it is a number added to it. I have some levels with 6 times, others with less. As this is about mentoring, not here.
Here only a few of my badges Activated remains even when finished and become Proficient

I am a club Mentor and have been from years, but I stopped for the moment at the "Mentor" and did not take on the Advanced Mentor Project. What is the difference?

Club Mentors remain as they always were, with mentoring inside the club. They do not change with Pathways! Their roles is important and remain important. 

Pathways Mentors are Individual designations, and can be used outside clubs too.

After finishing Level 2 we are proposed the Mentoring Program, that we can begin or not, download or not at any time after it. It is separate from the Level 2 project that all of us have to complete, that explains the importance of a mentor then ask us to remember a time when we where mentees (called now protégée). 

Three parts of Mentoring program: The first is without a speech, to make us think if we are interested, ready, prepared to become a mentor. The second "maximum three month" is after agreement with a protégée, and ends with evaluations in both direction. Called Mentoring, I would say "trying out how to fly" or if we like to fly (to mentor). Third project, minimum 6 month, Advanced Mentoring. Tasks, meetings, scheduling, agreement between parties. I was already as a Protégée and completed it but did not begin as a mentor. I archived for the moment this Project. I am not sure, it is for me or if I have time and energy for it, and for finding the right mentees.

I think, the important part of this post is that Pathways Mentoring does not replace at all the Club Mentors as we know them, it does complement it rather and reaches beyond clubs "Virtual Mentoring" around the globe. 

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