15 Jun 2018

Connect with storytelling, at Global Trainers Online

We had a wonderful meeting with three great speeches, if I may say so, being the third. I learned a lot from the two before me, but they also liked my story. 
That should have been my background, but instead I found the one which had Storytelling in Leadership, and added some parts about how my father used stories in his work. He was a great organizer and storyteller and went far and high in business. 
"I hurts! it hurts!" The title of my Connect through Storytelling (Elective level 3) My 6 minute video of my story at the Global Trainers Online club.

The feedback was made as often in this club, by round table evaluation.
But the best of all, after the feedback was that one of the members, Scott, joined also Witty storytellers online club, so much I did inspire him.
Scott listens to my story

Today, I gave an Icebreaker for Team Collaboration at Zaldy's Emperor in Manilla, Philippines with very different audience : my story had the same title,"it hurts", but I got a blue background and did incorporate the suggestions from Saturday, last week's in my speech. Of course, it seemed a completely different story. 

I also answered to a table topic question, and it helped me understand how I succeeded, lately, to end a conflict. The question I was asked. I felt, it went well with the topic with my icebreaker. 

As usual, it was someone else whose Table Topics answer hit me most, an old Chinese lady, answering to the same questions and showing me the Chinese traditions and cultures. I learn so much attending different online clubs!

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