28 Jun 2018

Telling personal stories connect us to each other

Stories we tell to each other with emotion, our own stories, even if changed a bit creatively to make the experience more compelling, communicate.

Emotions, our history and experiences connect us fast to each other. Deeper our story, more open we share our vulnerabilities, stronger we link. 

Storytelling, personal storytelling mostly, is what I believe in. What I tried to spread also in our storytelling online toastmaster club, called Witty Storytelling. From 1st of July, its President. 

As I already wrote in another post, we can go through a whole path, as I went also through a whole Competent Communicator manual in 2009, telling personal stories. So many happens to us, so much to tell! Any task we where given, we can tell the speech assigned as a story, link it to something that happened to us. 

What better to learn telling them better, then becoming a member of an online storytelling club? Soon, we will be open to anyone who wants to join us to learn about storytelling, and hone our skills. 

I have begun to study, read, make exercises in writing first, for almost 20 years for now, while publishing online (in French) my diaries. The context was not there sometime, and had to add stories to explain it. That was of course, only the starting point. 

At my age, I have had a very turbulent life, but all of us had ups and downs and things we had overcome. We overcome even the Pathways User Interface! Did we not? 

With time, it will improve. Meanwhile, we help each other to cope. We learn to do with what we have. We grow helping, and we grow doing and learning from the great projects we have be given and that we can do in so many different ways! Sharing also in this blog, my experiences I hope gives also inspiration that my stories told in my clubs does. Mostly online, in my three online clubs, or in the clubs near the town I live.
Here is a story one can tell, a story all in a candid photo I took yesterday, across the train station. I went to the post office, on the way I see this young woman with a small kid, probably sleeping. She is drinking thee or coffee, and, at the same time using her mobile device, smart phone. 

Enjoying a "quiet moment" on the main street, sitting outside in the great morning day, we could try to tell or imagine a story about her, or us. What did I feel what did I think looking at her? Suddenly, I had seen myself doing many things at the same time these last month. Multitasking, like her. Would it not be better, if I did one thing at a time?

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