11 Jun 2018

Invitation to my place and, E-portofolio

Welcome! It is my own place, and I do not invite everyone to the place near the table where I put my laptop usually instead of the vase. 

You would have to come to England, London and then all the way to the south east small town first. Then, up to levels, where my rented apartment is. Quite a road to make.

The same applies to the place where my e-portofolio in Base Camp holds the Evaluation forms I begun to upload more then a year ago when I believed it is a place where all, or at least the VPE can find it. 

I realized after a few month that it is a private place, only for me. But today, I invite you there and show you how to arrive at that place called e-portofolio. 
I did login already once and this appeared to me, then I click and Log in as a Member of one of my clubs to access my path "through Base Camp". But not only my path, a lot more too.
If I click on My Education Transcript, the second tile, I will indeed get to my path, but instead I click on my portrait on right upper corner "universal profile" or My Base Camp Profile.
Here it is! Not only the access to the other Tutorials and Resources and compatibility check, but under them to my E-portofolio. My e-portofolio is private. More then my living room. I can invite only those who see my screen dumps. No one can see what is there. Except, now. You will see some. In E-portofolio is My Documents. Inside, the files for different Levels.
I have put a lot in Level 1, when I believed useful, less in the other levels. Many times, nowadays, I put my evaluation forms received on my computer folder of the path. But yesterday, I did add one more I was specially proud of, in the Level 3 folder. 

As soon as I remember not to click on the folder, but the title, strange! it opens.

Here are some last pdf forms I added to my very private Level 3 folder, with the titles I gave them to remember and the date uploaded that was added by the system. Sometimes, using the Project name, other time that of the Evaluator. 

So, even if it is not needed, even if it is private for you or mine to me, it is sometimes, a good idea to add and find it there when you want. E-portofolio takes only lighter documents, did not take longer videos I tried to add at the beginning. The advantage, other then the time stamp is we can open it, look at it, even download back if needed.

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