3 Jun 2018

Transcript? Curriculum?

Finally, she understood how to choose a path and did it! Where it is? How to get to it?

I did show first how to get in through Welcome Name! once login to TMI (toastmasters.org) done. And there we could see together under the Address (hidden here) Welcome to Pathways! Enrolled in X paths and this: Go to my transcript ->

How anyone could guess that Transcript is Path? Projects? and that there is where he or she can find the selected Path? Who between the Toastmasters uses the name Transcript? I do understand that changing inside the Base Camp is not easy, but why should put such a strange name instead of "Go to my Path"? or projects? material? curse any of that would be faster to understand then Transcript!

Dictionaries search: Transcript is "a written or printed version of material originally presented in another medium" : but in Base Camp, we do have the "other medium"! not the printed version.

Now, if we go to Base Camp, once we understand that we have to open that one, as if we were rangers going up the mountain, we find this.

Again, let us say we do know (and how) that we should enter "As Member" the Base Camp, not the choose a path (done) or the Navigator (for another day) we arrive to other puzzles.

Should I enter Navigating Base Camp? Or my Feedback or my Badges (will find nothing yet at the beginning) or the Speech Evaluation Square? NO. Again have to go into the My Education Transcript. This time, not the Transcript, by Education Transcript. And if opened, as I did search some resources, I have fast to change all so only the Curriculum shows. Guess what? It is no more "my Transcript" but my Curriculum that has really my path! 

I looked up Curriculum, it means only content. Educational Content. From the dictionary again "he subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college." Or it is about Adult education in the Toastmasters, not a college or a school! 

I really hope, that they will be the first to change and find instead some words easy to understand, so any Toastmaster, from any age and country can guess how to go to the path and what "Open Curriculum" means inside the Educational Transcript.

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