28 Oct 2018

A new book discovered: find your point!

Today, I can write again. 

Yesterday, my keyboard went crazy! And my system did not cooperate with me. I have a French keyboard and a relatively old Mac Pro, at the time I did buy my macintosh, I was still writing daily French blogposts.

Now my 'daily' blog post is this one in English. Facebook, got me in touch with a Toastmaster working now far away, who told me how to solve the problem. Wonderful! 

Just discovered a new book, very well written, by Chris Anderson, TED TALKS, he 'owns' now TED and it's meetings organized once a year. But this book is written not only to all who want to talk "like a TED speaker" or a TEDX speaker, but to all understanding the importance of the new online speak and publish literacy. As important, Chris writes as the revolution of press in the 15th century. 

Already from the first pages he draws us in, telling "there is not one way to do", and he "only gives some tips of the trade" we can follow, learn, understand or not. We do not have to be speaking at a TED or a TEDx event for doing it. 

Of course, he tells from the beginning, we all have a story to tell, that only we can. Which I believe. We all have more then one story, but perhaps one that is more uniquely ours. Deeper we care for it, better and more authentic we can speak about it. Take audience with us, not only inside our story, but also convince them of where the story leads to, what we learned from it.

We have to believe and try to find those stories worth sharing, those unique to us.

We have to discover, going deeper, why are they worth sharing.

We have to dig inside us and understand first, what it means to us then what it means to another.

I highlighted a lot more that the two places I publish here, and I am only at the beginning. I do like all the things that the author of this book reminds us as important.

Authenticity. Unique to Us. Personal Story. It does seem as almost an IceBreaker, does it not? The Pathways Icebreaker explains better then the one from CC manual, the importance of giving a speech sounding authentic, and almost on the spot. Telling is not writing. And of course, we learn by doing. But first speech in a club or TED talk for millions sometimes, the same rules apply. Have something to say and use your own experience and your own passions to do it. Rehearse, but do not learn word by word. And many more. A club and a new path are great to rehearse without fear. We learn by doing, again and again. Then improving on ourselves. 

Each book offers me new insights, I am sure this one will too. As with each path, I find there are worth a lot more money that they ask for acquiring them.

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