9 Oct 2018

What is in a Path?

We did all hear that there are 10 path and that there are not so many different Projects from each other.
We did all hear that there are 5 Levels in each path, most with three projects, Level 1 same for all path.
Many of you read my two main posts "how to choose a path" (almost 3000 in all)

But, what is really in a path? Well, currently I am on three path, as usual. Then I have a huge choice to speak, to tell a story, to work shower and faster, depending on the level and the project.

I finished Level 1 Level 2 and Level 3 of Motivation Strategy, slowly, as I did ALL the Elective Projects of Level 3 not only the minimum two for credit.

True, did not yet do the Interview, was promised it for tomorrow. I need a role player for it. But did not wait, so it is only 11 from 12 elective on the Base camp.

4 stories in the Level 1 Fundamentals
3 stories in Learning your Style
12 stories in Increasing Knowledge
and now, I arrived at Level 4 with Motivating Others, a bigger project then I thought and many electives.
Here is is how the Level 4 electives look inside the Base Camp. Not exactly, but always same electives in the other path too. A total of 8 possible, (I did not manage to capture the last one) in this image, from which only ONE is the minimum required. Of course, this time again, I will do more then the minimum. In other path, I have already tackled Question-and-Answer Session; Manage Online Meeting; Write a Compelling Blog and Managing a Difficult Audience. I will repeat them as I like all of these projects.

The difficulty for me will be to create a Podcast of one hour total in time. Already begun to listen to different podcasts and begun to understood what works what works less when we listen to a podcast.

At the Leadership Development (French) I am at Level 3 now, and may choose any two goodies (or more) from the many electives there.

It was interesting to uncover, that the Managing Time project of Level 2 is only present in this Path. It was the last I tackled a week ago.

Now, on Level 3, I have to do a longer required project, specific to this path, and take on at least two electives. One of them for sure, will be Storytelling. What about? Pathways beginnings for me.

My third path I am on now is Team Collaboration, and I still have to finish level 1 with Research and Presenting. Then, I can go into level 2 and finally, three projects later to the Successful Collaboration, which is I believe again a team work. But for the moment, I am at Level 1 of it.

Looking at Level 2, I discovered, the Active Listening, which ask for a Table Topic Role with a twist.
This is from Mark Snow, Pathways D.T.M. Pathways Companion booklet, showing what are the Level 2 projects : three in each path and how they differ from each other. Other the Cross Cultural Understanding, I did all of them in my different paths. As interesting they are or not, the Level 2 I would skip if I could, that is why I do not linger there. I prefer by far Level 1 and 3 and Level 4. And eventually the last level that makes me think the deepest.

So what is in a path? Many many interesting projects! A lot more then the minimum 15 ! All of them from the time we arrive the first time at that level in any path, available for us to Activate and Launch and Read, and also to Print or Save.

Another time, I will write "What is in a Project"

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