14 Oct 2018

Pathways Topics with U Pathways Guides

At the beginning, we where 20 Pathways Guides all from Online Toastmasters Clubs, but our number grew: hundreds of clubs scattered all over the world needed Pathways Guides. 

We were ready to spread the word and explain Pathways to all those clubs outside the 100 Toastmaster District. Undistricted, named District U. In our last official meeting, we shared some of our experiences in a Pathways Topic format. Listen to 9 of us telling our stories in short but memorable way.
I was happy to see that my initiative works and will spread. Authentic voices, divers stories, adventures from all around the world, as those clubs outside districts are scattered. Go, if you want directly to minute 5, where really the stories begin, but listen to the end: it will be worth your time.

First, answered Cate, telling about her first presentation leaving a strong impact on her. Kate speaking from an iPhone so she is in vertical on the screen
Then it was Brian, who told us about his ever first Pathways Presentation, from what he found here and there, how much it meant to him.
After Brian, Carole told out all she did to meet a club leader, and not alone either - who did not show. Some told their best others their worst experience. But of course, all persisted.
And here is Mathilde Aha moment, what enchanted her.
Samir answered to my question, when did you feel "I did it!"
I choose this as Poster for the video Samir begun with "I did it!"
I showed a letter I got the morning after I told an Oups! story. Could not close my screen unless I went and continued in Gallery mode. So, this is how I finished.
Scott eager to tell us where being a Pathways Guide for U lead him.
Would you believe? Muffit was driving his car (do not do it!) while telling us his funny adventure leading him to Present to... but you'll have to listen all the way to hear it.
Michelle just arrived after three days of trip to visit her family and her light was not good, but her story, great indeed. Another one full of humor. 

Enjoy the tales and l.et me know, when you created a Pathways Topics in your club!

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