25 Oct 2018

My road towards Pathways D.T.M. - the untold story

This is a story I will or will not tell in November, when I give my second perhaps more formal speech from the Project Pathways D.T.M. But I will tell it to you, dear visitors to my blog. The story explaining why I have chosen the subject: Pathways Stories and Pathways Topics.

It all begun with the Visionary Communication path, my first one 
What IS my vision I asked myself then? I have already realized my vision, create an online storytelling club! I found my second vision at the very beginning of the VC path, combining Pathways, Toastmasters New Education Program, about which I knew almost nothing in April 2017 and Transition. This bridge taken in London Regent Park, signifies going from one side to another Crossing. Continuing the path on a different rive. 

Storyswap was proposed first by Paul E. White, from Virginia. He created three storytelling toastmasters clubs there, before becoming member of our Witty Storytelling Online club. That is where between us the idea of combining our skills, and creating an online / onsite Storytelling even arrived. That is where my path Leadership Development come in: all devoted to storytelling and decided from the beginning to lead to last December 2017 International Storytelling event. 

Combining two of my passions, was the next step to find. Pathways and Storytelling. I do hope to create thus a "movement". Many occasions and meetings, clubs and members telling their own personal Pathways stories. Hearing one, would inspire others to tell their pathways story. Longer or shorter, does not matter as long as it is authentic!

On the road to Pathways Distinguished Toastmaster, VC and LD are my two completed path that lead me to this project.

At the same time, I was VPE in one club, Secretary in another one, for a lot more then a year. 

My District Officer role achieved as Pathways Ambassador D91. I begun as REP representative many years ago, and received recognition in September 2018.

I have been a Club Sponsor, born from Witty Storytellers: the Global Trainers Online, to which I still belong as Sg Arms. 

At the same time, last toastmasters year, I was Club Coach for Royal Roads who achieved Presidential Distinguished status till end June 2018.

Those are behind me now.

inside the Distinguished Toastmaster Project, is written "define a reasonable scope", I learned same as I was finishing the Visionary Communication Path : reach for the star but first take your first steps, what does depend on you. Then, continue.
I am sure, the Pathways stories and Pathways Topics project will benefit Toastmasters, as my blog with its varied daily post also does. But I will consider it "finished" soon. A few small steps, Storytelling events toward fulfilling a broader vision. One of my path lead to another and they both will continue beyond the two paths and beyond the Distinguished Toastmaster Project. As will my blog, dear readers, will too. I am looking forward them.
A beautiful logo created by one of my committee members, a relatively new toastmaster, Assyl told me from when she become one of the members of my committee I helped her on her already on her own journey and she become also a member also of our Storytelling online club. 

Stories of Online Leaders, continued by pathways stories told in my online club, then Pathways Topics told in District U Guides meeting, then... the trend continues. Stories stick, authentic stories of problems overcome, of joys at different levels because Pathways arrived to us.

Yes, we can change the words. Not all Pathways Story swaps will be Online. Some will be told in a room, in different places of the Globe, most of them in places I will not be physically present. But will be there with you!

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Coach Carole said...

HI Julie, This really explains the Storyswap DTM project very well for me.
I have advised members of D73 to visit and read all about it.
I invite you to come over to the D73 Facebook page and leave a comment to encourage our members to tell their stories.