5 Oct 2018

Online Pathways Storytelling Events?

Pathways Storytelling events online combine my different passions and a few things I do fairly well. Now. As with any craft, or art, or skill, it took time to learn, to practice. To be able to teach or tell.

Good, but not "only": I am re-reading it now
"Something old" : Storytelling. Not only the craft of storytelling is very old, but I begun to tell stories long time ago, and then, I begun to study it, from age 60 (25 years ago) in order to add some context to my diary. First, "how to write short stories?" then, later how to tell them the best possible.

From my arrival to London, ten years ago, I also begun to tell personal stories in public. As I let myself be vulnerable, despite my English, audience liked them.

"Something new" : Pathways. First it was called "REP" and not easy to pronounce, but worst, we become Ambassadors of something we knew nothing about. We did believe we needed it, we did believe it will come. We reached for it, at the beginning, in vain.

Then, as the Pathways Pilot started in a district 27, near Washington, where I one lived a few important years in my life, together with an online pal, we found a club who took us in: they needed members and we needed access to open Base Camp for us. At the beginning, so many mistakes, so much to understand too, I do have lots of stories to tell about "If I knew then..."

"Something blue" : Online, the cloud is it blue? Sometimes, it is. Online meetings can be wonderful -  when all works well. We do see each other near, from there homes, we see the expressions of many clearer. Online clubs changed my life, after I broke my leg and had difficulty going out. I connected me to the world, to many contingents, to many like minded toastmasters. Alone, I no more felt alone.

"Something borrowed" : SharingAlways liked to create happenings, make others shine, direct from behind. I did begin very young. Do I really "borrow" others? Rather, let them shine. Organize alone, or with others meetings, festivals, workshops, panels.

I do borrow ideas from many books. Not just this one. Remember: borrowing from one book may be "stealing", borrowing from many sources is "research". I have many. Stop with facts and tell personal stories! Some pals begun to ask me: what IS storytelling? I read again some of my favorite books about it, will try to explain it better. Show, not tell!

This quote from the book above, and true.

"There two kind of moments in our life: good moments or good stories". When everything goes well and we tell about it "we boast" and no one likes to listen. It does not make a good story, does not resonate with others who get into all kind of troubles, just as we do.

Complaining, accusing, preaching, does not make a good story either. Telling how we got into bad situations, because our own silliness or bad choices, then how we managed to come out of them, looking back with humor, does make for good stories.

Let me tell you my adventure with my first path I wanted to go through! 
That will be, tomorrow. I do not know the facts, the bad choices, the assumptions, and so on, but now, I have to create a story from it in order to show and not tell what could make a good pathways story.

That is another book I will have to reread: Show not Tell, by Noble. I just tumbled on it an hour ago.

PS. For not American readers, it is in a marriage then one offers 'something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue' to the bride.

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