30 Oct 2018

Ramona Smith workshop : 2 whole hours!

Breakfast at 4 am this morning. At my computer at 4:30 am and already many others where there. By the time the meeting begun, we were 90 !

One hour meeting? No. Ramona gave us twice as much, in two different parts, with only about 5 minutes or max ten in between. Yes, some questions and answers, at each part, but most was prepared.

Indeed, even after Ramona, 2018 TMI Speech Champion, told us "I do not have rules" she gave us some she using, herself and believes in them. 

  • Give your personal best, instead of trying to win over others.
  • Talk about our failures, lessons, seems to her as detours on her way.
  • Being transparent, as much as our comfort level lets, makes the connection to the audience; it it to our human sides that the others relate
  • Each of us is different, she said, me I am 95% emotion, 5% logic
  • After soul searching, tell your story as YOU, your own voice and body language
  • As it is a Story, it has of course a Beginning, Middle and End. Protagonist (me she told us) an Antagonist (can be what happens) and some supporter characters
  • Remember, when you create and rehearse, it is a SPEECH (story) not Written! Add enough pauses and when it happens, don't step on the audience's laugher! Find vivid images, words that enter and remain in people mind and soul. 
  • While rehearsing, getting feedback, again and again, and implementing the constructive feedback to get it better, many many times, keep your audience in mind. But, she added later, when I Perform, I am inside in the moment, mostly.
  • Even if you tell sad stories, at the end finish with uplifting again. Give hope. 
One page from 3, never seen so many audience online ! Witty Birds did a wonderful PR
Many known faces and from all Online clubs and many Continents
That was in the first part of the meeting. Second part was "speaking for performance". Stop being afraid to look stupid / Use the floor / How you speak depends on your message. 

Getting feedback, applying feedback is of utmost importance. Take the feedback that Feels right; You Agree with; Comes from someone you trust. Rehearse; rehearse and rehearse. (Level 1 anyone? Does it nor remember you, it does for me)

Ramona also told us that for two years she was driven by ego, the third year, when she won, she decided to Learn, Grow and Have Fun

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