21 Oct 2018

Pathways on my iPad Pro

Let us first, celebrate!

The Facebook group, Pathways Discussion Forum, has one year now. Or will have in a few hours.

From seven of us, it grew steady then exponentially to more then 7500 members by now. 

Many come to see what it is, many to ask questions, and read what is new. Some of us and more and more, moderators and not moderators, toastmasters willing always to help and give information, answer every question and comment.

A lot of discussion going on.

I did learn a lot, and got food for many posts too. Answering to questions from the Forum, that are best answered through a whole post with screenshots on a whole screen and text. This post is an example. 

While one post said "we even used mini iPad without problem" others say "iPads do not work or not well." My iPad Pro had no problem with Base Camp, after I configured as it needs to be, even if from time to time, the system still ask me "Allow Popup?" not often. And I just have to confirm again, yes allow them. They do not look like popups on iPad, as they come whole screen in another TAB like this. 

Here is already inside a project as you see, in "csod.com" site of toastmasters.

The configuration of my iPad: I had to allow this in order for TMI site to be able to discuss the CSOD site. I am not sure, this is needed for use of Pathways. Could be of not. 

I Tried it out, after this blog was out and published.

<<<--- NOT NEEDED 
Access within APPS.

Prevent Cross site tracking is?
I will try them out one by one.

Configuration of my SAFARI:

Most important here is the no green on the Block Pop-ups and also on Prevent Cross-site Tracking. Also I let websites to Track me. 

But I use my iPad home, and at any time I can delete sites where I prefer not to be remembered.

I think, each of us should test their own device and see which is the configuration that works best for them.

I will try to change, one by one, because if indeed all this makes basecamp and projects to work very well, tabs open one near the other, and so on, when I use my Ipad to write a Facebook comment, or even an email sometimes, if a notification arrives, all my work is gone from time to time. Very annoying.
All this images are screen dumps from my iPad. Strangely, incorporating those in my blog on iPad does not work well, or I did not learn how to yet. So I am writing this from my laptop Mac.
Here the Motivational Strategies Level 4 electives, well the firsts one to show, waiting for me to tackle them again. And I am thinking, but will not begin with the Podcast, that is a skill still to learn. I am pondering about what to tell so compelling that audience listen.
Here is one of the important pages, section we can jump and Print / Save the Project and all that goes with it. I do not use it any more for my Evaluation, as the Evaluation form from here is not online fillable one. 

The video page from Manage Online Meetings. I love looking at videos from my bed on iPad.

So what? Not all videos are excellent, some are. Others, less. 

I did experience a lot better, more interesting Online Meetings of course. Not every day of the week any more as before, but I do visit a lot, and organize still some.

Some Elective Projects Level 4 will be a challenge to me, like Create a Podcast, in all ONE HOUR of material, by bits at least 5 min or more. Other Projects, like Create a Compelling Blog or Manage Online Meetings will pose no challenge. Still may learn something new. Still will read again the content even if it is second or third time going through them. 

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