26 Oct 2018

Basic words used : Glossary

I tried and could not open again the Pathways Glossary. It says already had that class. So? I did recreate the words explained my way, that today I use often.

Here are some words used that those not familiar may wonder what is this?

Toastmaster International recent education program, suited to today’s world.

Base Camp
Where all starts after login to Toastmasters.org, and to our base club. 

Educational Transcript 
All our Paths, classes, materials online are to be found inside. 
Other trainings and evaluation forms can be launched also and stored there, in Active, Completed or Archieved page. All can be moved from one page to the other. We can view active path or even go and view completed ones. Or, Activate those we did Archive in need.

There are ten different path we can choose from, then travel on them Level by level. After each done, we get a recognition. Usually after three Projects achieved. First path free, nexts 20 $ each. Minimum 14 projects to finish, but in each path we can reach 35 projects, at our disposal.

Instead of speeches we think as we have Projects to complete. All have a speech or occasion to speak, but they are much more. A project may have many different tasks to complete. Some shorter other long. It all depends on the level we are.

There are five Levels in each Path. The first Level, the Fondamentales are same in all Paths. Higher level, we get different knowledge and skills. After achieving a Level, we get recognition. In Base Camp, and separate in plus in Toastmaster through our club. 

Activate, Launch
Before reading it, a project has to be Activated then launched. Which brings it to our computer, inside our Transcript. 

Project finished
To signal Base Camp, we finished a project, after we spoke and, most often, got it evaluated, we go to the section Svelf Evaluation-After, answer all the questions, submit. Refresh. That gets a checkbox on it signaling us BC understood that we finished that project

Base Camp Managers
The Vice President of Education, VPE with the President and the Secretary of the club are managing our Base Camp and approving our Level Completions. After they approve it, we can go to the next level of the path. Any other VP from the club may submit our award, at our request, to what is called Club Central in TMI. Those two are separate. 

Required Project / Elective Project
There are ten required projects in every path. From them four specific to the path. The Elective Projects are those from which we can choose, a minimum of 2 in Level 3 and one each at the higher levels. We can open, save, print also any other electives from our paths. Or choose to work on more then the minimum.

Those are some of Basic words, I had to get used to. Still do not understand why we have to use Transcript instead of just my education materials. 

Let me know when you find other words or expressions that puzzle you.

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