24 Oct 2018

Facebook treasures for new Pathways members

Each week, sometimes, every day even, I got to admire someone else work published on a Facebook group. Most of the time, even if not only, inside this forum: (link on click)
Did you visit it already? It is worth to begin Facebook if you are Toastmasters, already for this group only! So many interesting useful discussions! 

It is a closed group, recently over 7500 admitting any toastmaster answering the questions before admissions. Once inside, you can consult the Files, Ask or Answer Questions, discuss with others interested in Pathways. We just passed 1 year since we created it. 

Last diamond comes from Slides created for New Members entering Pathways, created with a lot of thought, care and knowledge by Rumi Keast, from Gig Harbor Toastmasters in Washington State. Step by step, she takes us and shows us "how to" through her many greatly crafted slides.

<-- That is her first slide. I downloaded at least ten of them, will show you a few but it is worth to go to see all of them from the Pathways Forum Discussion. Or her District page. Or Ask her to send you when she is "finished". As a great creator she is constantly improving them.
 I love the yellow backgrounds where she adds the suggestions, what to do and her titles. I also learned from her, then one can add two different screenshots changed and reordered, in order to make clearer what can be done and how. So much to use from the Tutorial and Resources ! I was a pity that I went there a lot later only. 

I looked at the slides through my iPhone this morning, and while taking screen shots using both Volume and stop buttons, the volume appeared in half of them. Aie!

I will have to go back and do it properly. 

<-- you see "if you prefer one of the other path" : you cannot miss the information on the yellow bubble it does appear. And after there is even another slide showing that you still may Cancel, or if it is decided, you have to Save. Details are important, so we do not get confused. No more questions will then come: "Why my chosen path did not appear?"

After looking to those two slides you can no more ask why it is not saved or where is the path I selected! 

She has a lot more explaining how to choose and how to answer the questions paused before, where to find information about paths and projects, in plus, all useful for newcomers to Paths and Projects.

Same way, the Assess your skills - Before and so important Assess your skills - After, speaking, signaling the end of the Project to basecamp. Don't forget to click Submit! 

Blue around the button and black text on yellow background also very useful. All this slides in this post, are not here to follow them in the order they appear. Go to her slides.
A very clearly shown way to open the small popup window, but having read my post about Tabs, you know those are not needed when you have changed your browser to open all popups and links whole screen and in a tab. Still, at the beginning useful and very clear!
At any way, it is how it should look, open at least so big, so you SEE the back and forward arrows and also at the bottom the small down arrow that lets jump to a section. In this slide, I would try to add another arrow pointing down. 

Or a whole section, how to use Sections jump. -;) 

No detail is "too much". When we do not understand, we get stuck and very confused. Once we understood of course, we use it without even thinking about them. When we do explain to someone new, more detailed the better. 

Thanks Rumi for making me remember this wisdom! And in plus how useful backgrounds can be and pointing to the direction we want the eyes go.

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Rumi said...

Thank you, Julie, for introducing the workshop file here! Many slides come from Heather Turner and Norm Thibodeau of District 53. For example, they created the last 4 screenshots you used in this post. There are lots of helpful resources in Facebook Pathways Discussion Forum. It's amazingly global and we collaboratively learn about Pathways. And you will meet interesting and respectable Toastmasters like Julie there! Thanks again.