1 Oct 2018

Val and the old lady's windows

A Table Topic answer can teach us explain us so much... in a story. A real, personal pathways story in less then 3 minutes. I would never forget this story. "Where does it disappear?" and that is nicely said. 

Windows hide windows. The solution, may be the one Val uses and showed to the old lady who lived 100 miles from her, "and the whole world opened up suddenly". Or, the solution may be instead of minimizing one window to discover the other, to not use windows, but TABs for all popups. I did configure it in my Safari setting, it can be done for the IE and Opera. And here is what a Toastmaster showed us how he does it in Chrome.

Once you see and can move easy from one tab to the other, "the whole use of projects in Base camp changes for us" without waiting for TMI Pathways team to do anything. 

The navigation buttons "popup" also in a narrow window where you can choose. 

There is more then one way to skin a cat. 

Alas, I am not in a PC so we have to try to take a video.

Those are just a few ideas, but it is useful to learn them. When I begun myself, in April and even May last year, I was afraid to open all Project Checklists, because after I printed or saved or even just read them, I found myself back in the beginning of my Educational Transcript, and had to launch again my path (called curriculum) and it never went to the slide I was on when I opened the Project Description!

For me, as I am also an "old lady", it was my son who showed me how to open the whole window, and my grandson to put popups in the tab: my whole life changed! I did pester Pathways a lot less, when I understood, I just could do something on my own computer, the setting of my Safari browser, to make my life using the projects easier.

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