4 Oct 2018

Failed or succeeded?

Looking at this certificate, you would say, great! Succeeded to finish yet another level.

Indeed. And I just got it awarded also to Club Central. We had one Level 3 in the club, needed a second to pair it. Done.

What this certificate does not say, that I did not do ALL what I decided. Even if I did more, then the minimum required. 

The minimum was 2 Electives in Level 3 and I did 11 Electives but not the 12 electives there. I did not finish the Interview project. I read it, prepared it, and it was not even that I did not find someone to interview me, but I realized it was really more a JOB interview, and not a TV or Online interview as Project. 

Well, at some time, I will play the role as if I wanted a job, as if I was younger. Perhaps, remember the times when I got, or when I did not get the job I applied for. In plus, I could test what happens, if the Project can be closed, AFTER the level is finished. Makes good test  that I could speak about in another post.

I did need this also because I wanted to be able to read "what comes after", what is at Level 4. Indeed, my Required Project at Level 4, and now I was able to read it! is Motivate others. A tough one! Not only needs a team of at least three others, but also three of four meetings with them, in plus of a goal, tasks, discussions and 360 degree evaluations! 

Also, opening the Level 4 electives, I remembered, I do not have to begin with a Podcast! 

Will I do "all" or only some, I will see, but beside the Podcast which will take a lot of effort and time for me, 1 hour all! there are other tasks a lot easier for me at least.

I did so many QA sessions, and Online Meetings, creating one more will rather easy. And I need those meetings for my task preparing my D.T.M Project. And perhaps, I will begin a French pathways blog? or "just" write also 8 more "compelling posts"? I even know what they should be about. Also, need of Public Relation strategies for the D.T.M project, so many know about it. I begun to do PR but without plan or "strategies" so I will be able to do it better. 

Managing Difficult Audience is an interesting Project also, that I already did perhaps twice. Why was I focused on the Project that will be most difficult for me? Along the way, or before the Podcast, I have many other projects to work on! Of course, at level 4, only ONE of all the electives is the minimum. But that does not count, as THIS time I would like to do all of them like I did Level 3 - and not leave out any of them! Before, finishing all, I would have done also the Interview, at one of the online club meeting, and talk again about combining my two last passions, storytelling and pathways, and one of my strength, organizing meetings. Of course, combining all using different projects.

I am Not an Overachiever. I just need to feel useful and alive. Connect, learn, go farther. Understand better. Pathways Education System, done "my way" lets me achieve that.

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