18 Oct 2018

The way of the path is the way of the journey

Magda is a seasoned Toastmaster embracing Pathways with gusto. Her path was not always easy! She tells us in this story told using slides and her wonderful voice and body language, of her tribulations.

She created Ablaze Online, it’s members also converted and on already. Using slides, she speaks about her own Pathways journey with humour and metaphors is our witty storytelling online meeting where she become also a member now, during our Pathways Storyswap meeting.

Free to show to others. Pubic on YouTube. Thanks M !


Unknown said...

Nicely done. Trials and tribulations with a happy ending. I am still on my first path of Leadership Development working on Level 3. I have signed up for the Mentoring program I just completed my DTM after being in Toastmasters since 1998. I enjoyed your humor, the stories and the analogies. Thanks for sharing. All the best from Lincoln, NE in the USA.

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Thank for your comment. Linkoln : name or city?

Unknown said...

Lincoln, NE is the city and State. My name is Claire Titus and does not need to be private.