29 Oct 2018

DTM Project Team meeting

Met again with members of my team from the DTM Project: very productive meeting! Carole is from Australia, just drove back 5 hours from her District leaders meeting, where she suggested them to adopt in every club Pathways Story Topics.Here is one slide from her presentation that she showed me during our conversation with her suggestions of questions to ask inside the clubs.

Carole offered different suggestions for our group, how to continue and expand what we begun to do.
Each members of the team suggested new steps we should do, Zaldy explained the advantages of an open Facebook Page and a domain where it is easy to find also old videos, not only the last one's. Assyl asked and answered questions, and all took up new responsibilities. Zaldy explained us why and what and got us to a concessus - one of his current projects. Of course, long after my shorter project - as it is suggested in the DTM Project - will be over, our work together will continue.

At my proposition, that next part will lead by Zaldy was well taken. Each of us can lead our team, when his or her part becomes more important. Zaldy also suggested us a book to read.

"Not the most positive book but a lot to learn from it!"
Can you hear me? by Nick Morgan "how to connect with people in a virtual world" can be found in many different formats.

Pathways leads to many things, new skills, new knowledge, and for me a beautiful Team Effort.

I was Zooming from London, Carole from Australia. Zaldy zoomed from Manilla and Assyl from Kazakhstan. Yet we were so much TOGETHER ! It felt, not only the same room, but listening, really listening to each other. Asking questions when we needed answer.

It was a beautiful day for me!

A lot to absorb. I learned at least as much if not more from my team that they did from me.

That is how it should go and that is the result also of Pathways Projects, to Online and to Zoom.

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