27 Oct 2018

Pathways Trainers Topics 2 minutes each

This morning I had many roles in one of my online clubs, giving a test Pathways Workshop and then asking Table Topics questions. In this club, they are called Trainers Topics. But this time they were Pathways Trainers Topics! Many answered from 1 to 2 minutes each.

Global Trainers Online Pathways Topics for Trainers. Below, the Video Q /A extracted from the meeting which is also on youTube. With the accord of all present all Public. 

I hope that you also will ask Pathways Topic questions and tailor it, as I did to those answering them. They where few present whom I did not know from long time. 

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Unknown said...

Interesting theme for table topics. I enjoyed listening to the comments. Doug Switzer Findlay, Ohio, USA, Old Millstream Toastmasters #1563