7 Oct 2018

The sky is always there

My next Pathways project was Time Management, from Level 2: instead of Communication Style. The task was to tell in any Style and any Subject, but measure the time it takes each part to prepare and give it. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find yet another subject, but this time it fell in my lap. 

As soon as I begun to think of "blue" from the "one old, one new, one borrowed and one blue" it arrived all done in the morning. I looked out of the sky, the clouds were beautiful and suddenly I remembered a moment when I was very very upset, very very sad. On the way home, the sky and the clouds came to my rescue.

Listen to my story and to its evaluation. 

After writing four pages without stopping, I put it down to simmer in me. Later, I read it again twice and underlined the important sentences. Changed some parts, not many. Reread the underlined sentences, as guides into my story and my memory and how to tell it. 

When I went, Monday to Royal Roads Toastmasters Online meeting, I was ready to tell. Instead of interview, not prepared, they let me tell this story. Recorded it. Then next day, as I got all the meeting, I cut only this part and cut out the middle from the story to the feedback. Saved it apart of the others, and uploaded it only today to the youtube. Some stories take a lot more time. I would say "it depends". 

The time management project done, I could ask to have my level 2 approved, and then go to level 3, one of my preferred place to be. But being able to tell a story, any subject, any style is not bad either!

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