2 Oct 2018

One step at a time

Something new, Pathways. Something old, Storytelling, sharing stories with each other. Something borrowed, the background image for the Pathways Storyswap.

Something blue: the sky always there.

Yesterday, for my second time I finished Manage Time. Telling a story about an important moment in my life. Here I am listening to John's warm feedback and great specific suggestion about it. My project asked me to note how long took every part of preparing that speech. It was from the Leadership Development path, the only path with "Any topic, any style" in Level 2. How convenient! I will have to upload it to youtube, too big for direct.

Remembering a low moment in our life, when suddenly a realization turned it all upside down makes a good story. the first four pages almost wrote themselves, once I found my topic, then I just had to revise, learn some key words, revise a few times, and I was ready to roll. They did like my story and how I told it.

I also liked the suggestion: remember to show with all your face when you realize the worst suddenly! I was told that a few years back and indeed, again, I forgot to change my face wait then change again, together with the emotional story I was telling.

And now, I am ready and happy to begin the wonderful Level 3 projects of Leadership Development. Organize a smaller event, as required, and all the yummy electives - in French! Perhaps, I will tell the stories in English, but will be able to read all the projects in French and learn the expressions. Below, the same in English, as my level 2 completion was not yet allowed and this is from my old Path.
Indeed, it is great to have Completed paths, one can always go back and launch, read again, even redo any of them again. But this will done, later, from the new path. Soon.

Here are my Completed paths, at bottom the first one, Visionary Communication. The second one finished was Presentation Mastery.

Pathways Guide Tasks is also considered a Curriculum.

Leadership Development in English, in which I was exactly at the level I am now exactly a year ago: it was a surprise to find that out through Facebook, this morning!

The Effective Coaching, come later, as I had to finish its required Level 5 High Performance Leadership. Indeed, now my main online club members are ALL on Pathways.

Dynamic Leadership, finished just a few days ago. With all this, I still have three paths on the way, but only two are really new to me, as the French version of Leadership Development was taken to be able to help French Toastmasters and clubs mostly, but it comes handy now as for my DTMProject, I have to organize events!
The other two paths are the Motivation Strategy: still waiting to prepare better the Interview, before finishing level 3 with all the Electives done. Then, I may concentrate on creating a Podcast. Perhaps for the end of the year? Remains, Team Collaboration, still fighting with how to present a huge research in a short speech or story. So, still on Level 1. It is good to have many different things in mind, but I have to MANAGE my time, and take only one step at a time, not dispersing my attention.

This reminder comes also from the French Path: divide big projects in small tasks to handle them easier
Sometimes, I do juggle many tasks at almost the same time, like a magician. Too many?

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