20 Oct 2018

"All" change is not easy!

Of course, beginning are not easy and endings even less. Transitions never, even if finally they turn out to be creative and interesting times.

So what is easy? When is easy?
When we get "used" to what is there.

First we have to let go of what we are used to, aie! Then we have to understand what is there for us and how it works. After repetition, for some seeing, others listening or, for me trying out, experimenting it, it goes slowly into the unconscious mind : we do not even think and do it. 

Then, suddenly it does seem easy.
Well, by now, after about 18 month I have no real problem with the Pathways interface, even as it is for now, and I love my Projects and the challenges they offer to me. 

I am now at C of my Educational journey: working on my Distinguished Toastmaster Project. Not easy but very interesting: I have chosen it. So I love the project.

I made folders on my computer desktop, with each Path, each club I belong, A folder with finished paths together and projects, PDF, videos together. Other folders with my Slides, Photos. I have "my order".

Today, Apple offered a new "free" operating system to my Macintosh called Mojav, do I want it?  

It seems it will mess up with my desktop! Rearranging all what is there, putting them in neat stacks! 

Do I want that? I do have my order on my desk: I know where all is. Well. Usually, I do. Most of the time. Unless I do not remember well where I put it.

Today, I feel more with those hating changes. Being afraid of new "better" things. I'll wait.

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