12 Oct 2018

Q/A from Coach Carole here her questions and my answers

For the moment, I only know 7 path. I enjoyed each in different ways. 

Carole send me the bellow Questions, so we can answer both of us in our respective blogs. See her answers in her blogpost the same day, Friday 12 October. As in Australia the morning is earlier then in London, here are some of her answers in  CoachCaroleOnline blog.

This is one of the pictures I loved from her very graphic and funny blog. It is also very serious and deep, not only enjoyable. Carole writes every week a post, but works every hour of her 7 days! 

She tells I inspired her, she helped me a lot also, but not only me : 30 Pathways Guides working for hundreds non districted clubs. Carole is also the queen of presentations. 

Our collaboration, is also an example of how much pairing or working in a team may enhance what each of us do.

And now, let me begin to answer to her questions one by one.

Q1. What are the favourite aspects of the Paths you have worked on?

Rediscovering some fundamental aspects of Toastmasters in Level 1. Authenticity's importance. Repeating a speech to improving it after receiving /giving specific Evaluations. Going farther from what we got, through research.

In Level 3 getting so many choices! I feel so excited every time I get there.
In Level 4 the joy of blogging again day after day. And now, learning about Podcasting.
In Level 5 learning the joy of Panels in leading or attending. And reflecting on my path.

In general, reading -> doing > reflecting then beginning the cycle again

Q2. Why did you choose the Paths and how many have you completed?

First path I chose "after its cover". Presentation Mastery "I want to learn better speaking skills not leadership". My first mistake, I realize now. I can do so much more. In every path, and it is wonderful, Communication and Leadership are mixed together. 

Second mistake was to tell myself "My printer does not work, any more so I need a Printed Path". Boy, how much problem I had with that choice! Till I stopped. Finally, I did buy a Web based PM path. Before that decision was reached, 3 month on the road, I was already deep into Web based Visionary Communication, and all paths I have gone through, all the projects I have chosen, all the work I have done since follow from the Vision I found while working on that Visionary Communication Path. 

The vision? Helping the Transition from old Education system to the new, modern, web based, Pathways. Helping members with it and spreading the word. 

While choosing my third path I finally did NOT look at its title, but what is inside and where it leads. Leadership Development leads to organize a bigger event (after creating smaller events). I dedicated all of that path to one Theme, Storytelling and the importance of Personal storytelling. Path begun in August, 2017 and almost finished in December with a big, international remote access festival. Part of storytellers from Virginia Storytelling clubs, other part through Zoom video software, from Witty Storytellers Online and our storyteller guests from online clubs. A teamwork, "dreamwork" : a lot of work and very worthwhile. I realized, Speaking, Organizing, working in Team, all leads to the event and the message we want to spread. "Almost" because after the festival, we analyzed what went well and what could we improve next time with the team and then reflected on my path in January 2018 in one of my clubs. 

In all, I finished 5 path. I am now in three more new path at different Levels. Each path and each time is a new discovery. I loved so much Leadership Development that I took it again - in French this time. Just arrived at level 3 and the goodies are awaiting me, in French.

Q3. What advice would you give to a new user of Base Camp?

Read as many as possible available advices, work with a mentor, (see the picture on top) and most important: do not give up. We get used to the wrinkles with time and hope they will be less and less. Once we understand how it works, we can enjoy what is inside the Projects. 

One of most important advice would be, discover how in your device, computer, browser, you can ask any popup to come big screen in a new tab, so the popup Project or advice is big enough and also that it does not hide under another window.

Persist, and you will enjoy and grow. Read what are the tasks, do not try to go straight to create a speech. Projects are a lot more then the speeches we give and get feedback from.

Q4. What are the benefits from your work in your Paths so far?

Many many new pals that I got through asking questions, answering questions, discussing in the Pathways Discussion Forum of Facebook, writing daily blog with now more then 84,000 visits. 

Soon, a new D.T.M. all Leadership work finished now, from the beginning of last year, to now, but the most important are not those awards, I get every three Project achieved, the most important is all the connections I got with Toastmasters all over the world. And the skills I honed.

Q5. What is your wishlist for new projects in Pathways?

I heard that there is a Humor path, soon available. What other path I would like? Storytelling. Personal storytelling. Or combining, those two. I would also like a path more focused on using Online, Podcasting, Video presence and software/hardware, videoconference training. Why not a path around Traininghttps://coachcaroleonline.blog/2018/10/12/pathways-conversations-with-julie/

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