23 Oct 2018

Finishing a Project, a Level , Approving a Level

To close a project, remember to answer all the Self Assessment Answers - After then save it. Once done, a comparison appears. Between "before and after". Refresh.

To close a Level, make sure all the Projects of that level are approved, then Mark the level closed: ask one of the Base Camp Managers thus (or when met or by email too) to approve the Level. VPE, President and Secretary are the BC Managers.

Jump directly to 4 minutes of the video. The beginning is our continuing discussion about "what is an Elective Project" and how to find out which is which. And some personal comment about eating... while working together. As much as it seemed annoying in the hindsight seems rather funny.
Continuing the discussion about "Elective projects" with Svetlana, we realized, we have to meet, zoom together to share screens to understand better each other and the problems. 

In this video, the following are shown as we do it.
  • Opening Base Camp and a Path,  then the Level 1
  • Opening the whole page the popup
  • Discovering that the last project of L1 project was not "closed": showing how we do
  • Then how we ask for the Level Recognition when all three projects are done.
  • Then, we changed who shared screen, showing as the BCM approves a Level
Approving a Level in Base Camp, does not add it to the Awards. That has to be separately, as the member asks for it, it is a two step work. One can alas, but do not approve in Club Central, before the Base Camp approval was made. In plus, as approving the Level, take care to NOT click on X unless you do not want to approve it and discuss it further, alas it is very near the Approve Sign.

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