2 Feb 2019

Animation Change arrives (Apple) - I will Podcast!

Here is for those who had always seen things differently. Apple video.

Things change, we see first and... it was one of the Apple's advert about change that will come with personal computers. It did. It was supposed to be for the "rest of us" not only big companies that the huge old computers were that occupied a building. I remember the add about the young woman in short and the silent all same closed almost ghost sitting shown during a sport contest that went viral. This is coming out quiet almost and is so different!

Coming out like the new things Toastmasters introduces one after the other. 

But for me, they help each other, "justify" each other. Another similar but more "how to do" add showed me how to use Apple's free app to produce and disseminate podcast. At the same time, on the Pathways Discussion Forum, Sam Warner gave me advice of other ways I could do it too. His encouragement and advices gave me just the push I needed to begin. Almost drunk from excitement, I tried out yesterday a few. 

"With iPad Pro you have everything you need to start your own podcast. Open the Anchor App, plug in a USB-C mic, start recording, and share it with the world." 

I tried. Can be done, I have done it! But then, forgot how to do it again. And also tried other ways. As I had already podcasts, most of them using podcasts already registered like old standup comedy performances or personal storytelling on stage. With time, I will settle for one way, now it is the time to PLAY and TRY different ways.
Download Anchor. Plug an USB mic (there is no usb link in ipad! how?) Keep your notes close, record your magic. Trim the nonsense. Save. Pick some music theme from "Garage Band" ? Drag and drop from files. First near then inside, under. Publish. Launch Apple Podcast. Sounds so simple... is not! is not! But perhaps, you figure out better then me.

Nevertheless, I did succeed to publish once, a small one minute snippet just to try. Then Apple goes around and finds places that publishes your podcast for us and tells us when it was "approved" and published in each place.

This is the first email I got: 

"Exciting news! Your podcast, Julie Podcasts , is now available on PocketCastshttps://pca.st/PR6ZLet your listeners know. You can also 

You can always find all the links to your podcast on your Anchor profile, at anchor.fm/julie-kerteszWe’ll let you know as your podcast becomes available in more places.

Remember, any episodes you create in Anchor can be synced everywhere your podcast is available, with just one tap! "

What means "synced" ? New vocabulary to learn! So, let us see if I can embed it HERE

It seems I could! I could! I did. 

"Happy to be a woman" is just a very small snipped from my comedy routine. This one not spicy at all. Remember: comedy comes from Truth and Pain. Add a bit cruelty to it, write the Comedy writing author in his second book, written 20 years after his bestseller. 

OK, this is if I remember just 1 for sure less then 2 minutes, there is long till I arrive to 1 hour podcast asked at level 4 ! Who says, I have to do all new? Have to look at the project again, as I have some "old" great podcasts also. All is to progress, learn. At any age. 

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