28 Feb 2019

Contestant Graham Cairn Gallery view

True tale, personal tale, funny stories all together: work. Link to Speaker view.

Here is an example, from todays Witty Storytellers Online club international speech contest. Graham won second place and also one E.Humor Project achieved. The video I published earlier somehow did not work, I hope, this one will. 

A lot of near miss today in our club, Witty Storytellers Online Contest! And Graham also speaks of things happened forty years ago at the first radio station he worked. He got the second place in the contest with this wonderful speech. 

Funny is when all does not go well!
But our contest, finally, did. 
There were a lot of near miss. 

Appointments other places, they finished. Heavy snow cut the power in Oregon. Back last hour. Chief Judge still did not have power and used that of her car, all around big snow and she in heavy winter coat! Another contestant from Uzbekistan had her Internet restored in last minute, just hours before the meeting. 

So many things have to get together, but no one complained, and at the end we had a fine contest, lots of members and guests and fun and great stories. 

Sometimes, I do not understand, why in the Pathways Discussion Forum, I see so many complaining, instead of doing whatever possible to go on? To enjoy? To continue through all obstacles and prevail?

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