12 Feb 2019

Story Collection begins at Engaging Humor L2

I arrived this morning to the "real" first project in the Engaging Humor path and with it comes another gift, I did not see in the level 3 electives of the same project. But from then on, as it is aside from any path, can be used any time. It is also linked to all projects in the Engaging Humor path!
Here it is, opened but not yet added to it. After reading about it, I had to leave the Project of level 2 and open my Collection. 

There can be more collections with different titles each, and containing more then one topics

We add our emails, and once it has a title, a synopsis, we can begin writing. Then, send to our email, print, and of course, do not forget, Save it.
In the Project Discover your Comedy Style, we have to write at least the first story in it. Done! I did it! I did it! Very happy to have a new and elegant tool, easy to use.

Let’s hope, it will work as it should. It does have some growing problems, yet. I could open and add to it or change. Did not yet to print or email. But could be my problem here. My printer complains about ink, and some how my email seems not connected to BC

Be aware! When the Story Collection link is selected, the Project closes. But... the Story Collection is present and can be used during any time. 

In plus, at the beginning, there are screens explaining how to use, not sure needed, as it is clear and easy. Here is one of the screens, they come a bit fast for my taste.
And yes, here is the Assignment for the Project. Screen taken before I got to my Story Collection, gave title to three first stories, and wrote one in whole. Printed, saved, send through email too. Hurrah! A new tool and a new discovery.
It was so worth finish the first Level and arrive here to have great surprises! This morning begun with me STANDING to deliver a rather humorous story about me as mentee at the Witty Birds with great audiences and a great feedback. Then, Base camp was "on" again, and I could get into it, and read with attention the first new great Project. 

I am sure, it will help all, and even me, used to humor to learn to practice, to reflect.

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