20 Feb 2019

Naked backside, as last memory of my workshop "pals"

Here is the link to an old speech, my first Communication Stye true story told at Witty Birds in May 2017. This is the story I want to tell again: does it need to be told again? How would I do it?  So many memories from that first workshop!

It was very difficult for me as the young boys, who did think they were men, behaved like misbehaving boys around me, got so many wrong ideas what is a woman and specially an old one! To the end, we had difficult communication. Even, after I begun to use, from time to time, their language.

It was them. And me. Here, I am taking the picture
My last memory of them is our showcase: I was the only one not very scared. In the middle we went out and made some pictures. 

With my small camera, I made of them and then went between them and one of the "man" took a picture with me between the others. 

What was my surprise when I got home to look at the picture! 

Guess which one shows his naked backside in the original photo
One of the boys showed in it his naked bum. Naked backside in the group photo the other one had taken! 

The one all in right with his black coat.

What to do? I had to cut it in half in vertical, cut out all of us from middle down. But I did it! Finished the 8 week afternoon workshop and learned.


What a memory indeed! I got my certificate and looking back, I realize how much I learned. Not only communicating with a Standup Audience but with anyone different then me. Between all of them, only the one near me went to continue Standup and once he was competing when I was too. As I was more authentic, the public choose me as the winner. 

Let me finish with my best teacher giving me the certificate at the end of our showcase.
Yes, I was tired but so satisfied. I survived. I gigged and all the audience did laugh. My first showcase was a success. More: I learned from it! Even learned that some last minute improvisations added work very well. Suddenly I am transported at Pirate Castle, hear the noise the laughter, see the public. It was wonderful.

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