10 Feb 2019

Coach Carole Feedback at Firebirds to me

Today, I was Guest Speaker at Firebirds Collective and delivered my second speech from the new Humor path Level 1, Project Evaluation and Feedback. 

My Icebreaker was Friday, at Emperor's online meeting, and I will add it here another day.
 and also my first Evaluation and Feedback speech, delivered Saturday with Global Trainers Online. Now, I will have to find a place to evaluate someone, and also deliver my Research and Presenting, which will be about Comedy Books I found and learned from.

Bellow, is the wonderful feedback from today, by Coach Carole. I did succeed to take into the consideration two suggestions. The Toastmaster of the meeting was the one who asked all to unmute their mic so we can hear them not only see, and not me asking that at the beginning of the meeting. Secondly, I succeeded to incorporate only 2 minutes I have chosen from the Mistaken Identity video, that was shown to illustrate what propelled me to begin study Standup Comedy, 8 years ago. 

And now, I will have to learn, Carole is right, how to Stand up while I am presenting in an online meeting! Learning never stops. 

I begun to study also the Level 2 Know your Sense of Humor, but that Project will take longer, we have tasks to do before delivering. I do have it, as it is also part now of the Level 3 Electives of other paths where I could find it, print it. Begin to study it.

Very excited about the new path, but after this rush, will go slower. Work deeper. The new path gives me more energy. Also, I will have each time to make clear, which speech style is "humor" and which is "informative" or "persuasive". A lot of Toastmasters decided to get the new path! 

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