22 Feb 2019

Julie at Lewisham Speakers "connects with the audience"

Level 2 in E Humor asks for "Connect to the Audience" and suggest, as we do know the audience of our club, tell them about something they do not know. What? I take them inside the first Comedy Workshop I did.

So much to tell! But times goes so fast. I told just a bit of all.

Notice that I did not show anything when at least three times at expected laugh, I got nothing. When they did laugh, I paused till it passed, let the waive go down. And learned, after my speech, at the feedback, that there was still one who did not understand what "Pardon my French" means. Use with care expressions! I was so proud: I learned it myself recently...

And I was told "if you tell your audience you'll speak French, you should." Aie! And you, do you know what that expression means? A new comedy bit I can do around that, or use it in the Cultural Diversity Project from another path.

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