9 Feb 2019

New Level 3 Elective from L2 Engaging Humor path !

Always worth, visiting Pathways Discussion Forum and its discussions. Thus is how I discovered: 

"Know Your Sense of Humor", Level 2 Project from our new Engaging Humor path is present from now on as Level 3 Elective Projects in every other path!

So, if you are already progressed so far in any path, you can go and as I did read, it study it!
As I decided to go through all the Elective Projects in the MS path, I had to go there, but just to be sure, I opened other paths too, it is the last project present in all L3 electives.

It does say, what I always believed: best to tell a story from your life. Explaining also why.
It validates my not opening my last two speeches with a joke. Telling it, eventually later. If or when we already connected with the audience, then why not? otherwise, first connect in whatever way you already know how. Even by a pause and looking at them.
Short or long, we remember better stories then "jokes", and more is personal, more easy is to commit them to our memory and play the emotion. 

Of course, we can exaggerate, use more playful body language, but still I think not forgetting passing our message. I will open now a new notebook with new (and old) stories that got potential, that could be incorporated, used, re-wrote, shortened, made sharper.

Another emphasis on personal storytelling! 

I feel more and more our online club reason: Witty Storytellers Online meetings are an ongoing workshop to learn and exercise at least twice a month, storytelling and as possible our wit. I fell all energized yet again.

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