12 Feb 2019

Books about Humor, research and present

There are so many books about Humor, Comedy writing and using! But I had to choose some to tell about in my Research and Presenting Project. This one I showed on screen.

Why is the Obstacle is the way between them? Obstacles make up the bones and meat of stories and comedy too, providing the problems and the humor of them also. 

The Comedy Writing Secrets is one of newest, the Comic Toolbox one of the most popular. 

Get Started in Stand-Up Comedy, from Logan Murray is the first I read as well the comedian / workshop leader with whom I studied the summer of 2011. In fact, I have taken with him, after his 6 x 4 hour workshop and showcase, a Comedy writing workshop, shorter this time, later, when I found myself out of inspiration and to add to my set.

Yesterday evening, I went online to Royal Road toastmasters and told about the books, and some of the things I learned. I also showed some slides with citation from one of the books. Krishn who gave me feedback, told me great, lots to learn, but too much. 

Use one learning for each speech. So which learning should I add here? 

Sometimes, no need for a joke: just tell the truth. Of course, we can exaggerate it too.

And here is the short video of Krishn evaluating my presentation, which, alas was not recorded. Next time, will I or will I not speak when there is no possibility to record it? Perhaps, I could have but when I speak, I am preoccupied by other things then recording.

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