4 Feb 2019

Holliday disasters and 2nd Standup ever

Holliday Disaster, delivered with Spark London. Listen to my podcast. 
My audience liked it.
Recorded by Spark.

Can you listen to it like this or do I have to package it too?

Old bad memories can become funny and audience love it, laugh from the story, with me, not at me.
Could you listen? At Ritzy in Brighton also, not far from the underground station, a great venue.

Later, I told a sad story of loss and war to my audience and the next month I decided to three a bit spicier one's in Canal Café Theatre with Spark London. Good times with wonderful, about 60 paying audience. They mostly paid for the place and the professional equipment we got there.

This was a storytelling.

 Bellow is Standup comedy showcase, my second ever. Created by adding to the sound in a video editing program, images. This time, I tried something different. After 5 times 4 hour workshop with Logan Murray, very good workshop leader. I have already published his book in this blog.

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