18 Feb 2019

Newcomers roadblocks

Now what? Even when clicking on the Beginning of the Project, he did not see how to go farther. No navigating seen in the small rectangle that opened!
One has to stretch the small rectangle not opened enough, in vertical and horizontal, or click to open it whole window, till the arrows right and left appear, and the go to selection on the bottom. 

All the pictures and explications from this post, are there already in my blog, but in different posts and indeed, I have many posts now. Even if the search box is there, not easy to find. 

Yesterday, I had to half hour zoom meetings with two wonderful people, toastmasters who are presidents of their club and want to help to introduce Pathways "more", but themselves, even after a year of "on pathways" had too many things not clear to them. So it did become clear to me, I have to write this post, and list what I observed to our interactions. Sincerely, in the 22 month of using it and finding ways to solve them, I forgot how many roadblock there are on the way who begins. How many things one have yet to change on the user interface to make it easier to use.

I do tell often, that the Tutorial and Resources has many videos explaining different, sometimes strange features but how to access it? Even when the grey title appears, it is Not Clear or Apparent, that we have to choose the GREY TITLE to arrive there, instead of click on the Title bar.

For any explication do not hesitate to go UNDER the Tutorials and Resources clicking on the gray. So many Tutorials as videos or as texts and Fillable Evaluations there!

See bellow how the project window should look when you open a project in order to navigate easy through it and where and how it has to be stretched.

I did tell my browser to open the windows that popup in a new tab and whole window, so all this trouble is behind me. He at some time, clicked near the small window and it disappeared behind the other one showing his levels. Happy, he knew how to bring it back, see all the open windows. Not everyone knew! And in plus, finally understanding, he opened up with a click on the upper right corner rectangle the project big. 

As the speech was given, all tasks accomplished, we have to go back to the Assess Your Skills After (or even why not the before first if we did not yet answer it before). We can also use the Go to Selection, jumping to the self assessment after, which is the last in every project.

And  then, there is a grey more or less transparent rectangle, that hides the Assess your Skills-After (and the same for before). Now What? We have to click on that grey rectangle to make it disappear. Why? Why should the questions and self-assessment points be covered with grey? 

Then, it is not clear why suddenly, instead of the arrow right to progress, we have to progress with NEXT to answer the "next question". Nor it is clear that if we miss to answer one of the questions, but not clicking on one of the numbers 1 to 5, we will not have done all to close a project! 

It did happen yesterday! My President missed one answer as he wanted to go fast and the SUBMIT did not appear! How could he knew (other then I was there to tell him) that unless the Submit appears and the comparaison, the Base Camp will not understand that the project was done.

This time, I learned something else. He missed not the last question but the one before it. I looked very careful, and proposed to click on BACK, and answer that question before it. What happened? The SUBMIT appeared there, not at the last question. 

We got the small X that the project was closed. Now, we did the same with the last project from the level 1 which was also done but not declared closed. It went faster, and better as now become clearer what has to be done. 

Now that all projects from the level where declared "done", he answered even to the Evaluate the project to tell his opinion about to Toastmasters, and the projects transformed again to Launch, but with the small x near them. 

And now? Yes, then it is only then we can access the last item, which is not a Project, just in order to tell, again! that the LEVEL IS DONE. That also has to be first Activated, then Launched. Then a page appears as a popup again, why? and after reading we do what? just close it! It took me some time to realize that I have to close that page, get rid of it, before I arrive back, and finally, one can click on the button that now shows, Mark the Level finished. Only then, the message is send to the Base Camp and Base camp Managers to approve the Level. 

At this point, we changed the Show Screen in Zoom, and I did show him, how I entered as Base Camp Manager, opened the Approve where his his finished Level was now waiting for approval. As Secretary, I had the right, and clicked on the green v (alas very near the red x) and did approve. I even showed him how did I exit, through the small wheel, and got to TMI Leadership/Club Central/Club Name/Education Awards, and added the award that he wanted to see between his other Awards from now on.

Once the Level Completion was approved, not only it gets also a small x but also we may view and print or save the certificate.

As to me, I finished Level 1 of EC, the 12 February, here is my certificate.
And begun the Level 2 with the third Project, the one I knew what to tell. The others two projects I work still on. As you know, we can do them inside the Level in any order.
Probably, there are more Roadblocks on the way of working with Pathways, but I believe those are the most annoying if we do not know what to do and how to do it. 

What Path to choose if you do not have yet or as your next one? Choose Engaging Humor! And you can do in almost same time as another we do not have to wait till we finish all five Levels of what we already have!

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Very comprehensive post, Julie, great tips.