27 Feb 2019

Comedy books to chose from

After printing the Level 2 and then the Level 3 Special E.Humor projects, lots of pages with images, that costs lots of money for ink, I realized I can copy and paste only the TEXT of Project pages and printed it : only 2 pages recto verso for each! 

I also reread them again. They have great advices, of storytelling, flexibility and need of adopting each time for the audience. Having prepared a few different ending and ending with the best, funniest story. How to pace and pause, and so on.

They do not have inside, so far, techniques of humor writing. This three books, I read again - this time on Kindle, as on book format too small for my recent eyeglasses, give a lots of different techniques, examples and exercises. 

There are other books also, I have about ten in all about Humor but I would advice, read one of these, study, do exercises. Lists, reversals, and so on, and be aware "one of ten" will be great. Do not expect all ideas, all jokes, all anecdotes to succeed. Do not let yourself discouraged if at first you do not succeed. 

Each audience and each place and time is different. As the projects say, try to orient yourself, feeling the audience and creating with them, even if you learned well the set. A set has bits (smaller stories, of one line or many lines) that can be combined in many ways. 

This blog is not a Comedy 101 or 102 etc so I will not go in detail about the methods I learned through books and workshops, exercises and writing and rewriting. Writing in "flow" whatever comes, free and then rewriting for best impact. Trying out then again. Recording, listening, learning from it. Daring. Leaving impact. 

Want more books to choose from? The Get Started in Stand-up was my first and I also did go to Logans comedy workshop, and later, comedy writing and even to an impro workshop. Very good teacher! He got us to relax, to look around with Comedian Eyes. Found the funny from the situations that happen. 

Exaggerate, but departing from a truth, we see or we feel, we remember. Create a "persona" for the stage. That persona is you and is not you. Not as you would speak, behave or open up in other situations. That persona speaks with your Comic Voice. Shows always of course an Attitude for all you speak about. Your point of view. 

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