21 Feb 2019

Connect with the audience!

I did connect with the audience today, and in plus, they laughed and laughed. I did take them where only one in the audience ever was, to a Standup Comedy Workshop. The first, I was in winter 2011.

Only had time to tell half what I had but even like that it was enough, and they could not know all that I did not tell. So much more to tell. Material for other times, other projects. 
Now I have only the most interesting, the new project to deliver : Know your sense of humor
I told things I did not expect, to link all together and be on the theme of the meeting, witch was Challenge. Majority of those present, Toastmasters and Guests loved it. And I had strong long laughter. Feels good, again to make people erupt in laughing.
Of course, I put away everything
between me and the audience

What I found that one expression, I learned lately but loved it "Pardon my French" was misunderstood: my evaluator expected me to speak a bit in French after that. And not to use two four letter words instead, also he did like how I used them. But he enjoyed, even if he was expecting me to speak French. He was not of English origin, as I am not either. True, even I had to google what "pardon my French" means last week! (Excuse the crude language that will follow.) 

And I did bring my audience to a place they seldom went and only a few of them. So that part was also a success. 

Know your sense of Humor is also written already, I even rehearsed it telling a few times to people who come : they laughed, liked. Will have to find now a proper club to tell.

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