25 Feb 2019

Learned again humility

Those of you who got to the Level 3 of any path, or even finished one, may find the Level 3 Electives and find a new Project in it. It comes from the Level 2 of Embracing Humor. 
Here are the question it offers you, most of them are about Storytelling and only slightly about Humor.

Both explaining the huge importance of telling Personal Stories with a Message. Include Humor in it. If the humor works, wonderful, if not, we can continue without feeling and most important, letting the audience feel, we fell on our face. We make a pause, before and after the "punchline" where we expect a laugh. It comes or not. Next time, we adjust something, or... the different audience reacts to us.

If it works, a single sentence may be enough. In all case, we have to make sure it is a shared experience with the audience. And we can "pivot in different direction" as needed.

All projects in the Humor path does not have to have funny speeches at the end, even if it is good to try to incorporate in them for some anecdotes. I begun by telling the story why for 70 years I believed I do NOT have funny bones. Only the Mentoring Project, the first I used in Level 2 was to be "funny" and it did got laugh online. The next, again not specially funny project about Linking with the audience, got also laugh in London. Then, with the special Level 2 I fall on my face in Philippines. 

I told three stories I love and that in rehearsal got laugh, none was at my audience taste. First "I heard", second "so?", third they got really bored instead of entertained. I did get a laugher at the meeting end, when I told that in London I got laugh with a story that was not supposed to be a funny Project, and here none, with a Project asking some Laugh. 

Sign, how Low moments in our life can make laugh. 

I would conclude, with something I heard yesterday. We are climbing, but the interesting moments happen in the valley, not on the peak when we enjoy the view. 

Humor is a skill on which we have to work, work work to develop, a craft that needs time.
I needed to read this again! To go through the project and repeat looking at the slides.

Here is from a comedy book too, I believe each of us got to read at least one: `

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