17 Feb 2019

Prepared for online meetings

If you enter my living room, at first you can be surprised. 

I am so used to it that I do not even see it any more. Most of one of my wall is occupied by a green tissue.

Do you know what it is for?

To be the backdrop where the pictures I want to project behind me when I am online in zoom to be projected. 

On a round table, I have my laptop on three big books so the video is right at my eye distance, that make me look as if I looked straight to my audience, wherever they are. A small overturned basked it there too. When I want to stand, I put my laptop on the top of it. Sitting always in the armchair otherwise, at some distance from the wall.

Daytime, the light comes from my window on my left side, evenings from the special "daylight lamp" that is 45 degree at my right and turned away from my eyes. The one you see in profile at the right end of this picture.

Most of the time, nowadays, I put my blue tee-shirt on myself, my "online tee-shirt" and a dark blue background so all one can see, is my hair, face and arms. At the beginning, I tried out different backgrounds that I use still from time to time, when I do not tell anything important. When I do, I do not want the audience eyes distracted. I have borrowed this one from the French president, Macron speaking a day. Took out from it the two flags and have a few different darker and lighter versions of it to use. 

When I want to show off, of course, other backgrounds come up suddenly behind me.

Here is one of the possible backgrounds, but as I am photographer, I have a lots I tried out already. 

This one is a borrowed one. That one can use, is it from book Johnathan Livingston the Seagull. Who loves to learn, to exercise new skills, not only work for eating like many of his family and group does.

It was at my first ever visit to America, that my landlord, hosting me for two weeks gifted me with the book, telling me "you are like him, always ready to learn more". So many things I learned since I begun online clubs and even more through Pathways. 

The last three books on design and user interface I begun to study. They can be applied to many things, also to a blog and arrangement inside a post. 

Some toastmasters in the Pathways Discussion Forum complain that the new program makes them use too much of their time online. I wonder, if they read at all? I read nowadays mostly online and when I do not, I listen. To audiobooks. But if instead, they spend their time with family, wonderful. I hope, not with the television. 

We do not have to spend a lot of time online to use pathways! All projects can be downloaded, read through computer or printed and taken far away from it. We have more work to do with our projects then before the manuals? Yes. We also learn a lot more! How much and what, mostly depend on us. We are all different, can apply task different ways.

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