24 Feb 2019

Online club: Firebirds Collective, today

Lots of adventures and happy to be again in a Firebirds Collective meeting. I was asked to evaluate, and did. At the same time admired how at last minute all jumped in when needed. Mathilde not only TTM but become also TM, Samir "no role today" become, a great evaluation and even, at the end closed instead of the President interrogating all guests. Loved Assyl's background who not only was Time Keeper, but TT Speaker and TT Evaluator. And so on. I will jump in, as difficult it seems, and get back, have with them one more online club membership. 

And try to tell them one of my humorous speeches that I project to tell. 

This last days, did not go "online" only Monday and Tuesday (Got a Bouquet, Got Chocolate, Got Ill: chocolate older them me). Wednesday, made them laugh in London, Thursday, Judge in Bromley, Friday did not succeed to make laugh in Manila, Philippines, Saturday, Table Topic Master and today Evaluator. Yes, I speak and advance, but I also do my duty and roles as needed everywhere I go. So, it does not seem to me "rushing". 

Wake up sometimes at night, with ideas how to speak and what to tell next.

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