13 Feb 2019

Julie First Eval/Feedback story delivered at Global Trainers Online

This was supposed to be an Instructive tale, not a Funny story. Next time, I will have to make it clear before I begin. It is good to make the audience laugh (they did laugh at the end when I told that I am alas obliged to stop), but the project Know your sense of Humor, tells that first we have to establish the contact with the audience. 

In fact, in the video Mistaken identity, one can see that I have waited 2 minutes and half, before taking out my tee-shirt, and the audience begun to laugh from then on. Later, I learned to go for laugh a lot faster. But this storytelling even was not a Standup, it was made me go and learn about "how to make laugh when I WANT It, where I want it". 

I have to learn how to present, we all have. I believed they gave a total 15 minutes I requested in the agenda, they did not understood the same. A lot more communication is always required. 

Why do I go back to that event of 8 years ago? That was the decisive moment for me! For the first time after 70 years believing myself unfunny, I begin to believe "perhaps?" It is the beginning of my story with Humour or Humor? My Comedy journey begins there. 

Level 2 will tell about the discovery of Standup Comedy by me, I took one after other many workshops, till went alone out to gig. 

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