16 Feb 2019

Standing up, first laughs and preparing Humor project

Humor path, humor projects? 

The first special Humor project speaks of Telling and Collecting Personal Stories. 

"As possible, some stories and anecdotes, longer or one liners, where there is a message, an attitude we have, and could make laugh."
It seems, I had a good beginning at Witty Birds online. I tried again, after two years, to stand up (my computer put on a basket farther) in an online meeting. And as you see, I did caught my audience laughing. 

I cut from this picture the last row where they were only names, TM not showing faces.

Behind me the blue is projected on my green screen, I just put blue so my hair, face and arms stand up clear and the added background does not disturb the audience. Of course, in "Gallery view" you see here, I am small. For me the important was to see not myself, but the audience reactions. They did enjoy what I said at the moment. And this above was not even yet my first required Humor Project, just my story as Protégée.

Now, preparing my first Humor Project, after having begun to collect my stories, humorous or less humorous. A sad personal story well told can also make laugh. 

Here are three images that I may or not show, that resume the three short stories I intend to tell for that project. Not yet determined a place, a club to tell it, I have to find the best audience to react and the best club to record it for me. When I am the one that tell, always forget to record...
(1) Hammering on my window, is a true personal story, picture by myself. (2) The fancy car stuck on a dirty village road, is a story my father liked to tell, it also has a small hummer in it, that has to be put in the mind as I did not find a proper image for it. (3) The last story found and adapted from internet, is happening in modern times, one I told again and again as Pathways Ambassador to make Toastmasters Relax: it worked. 

Are you curious, how they link together? 

Should I show this picture or each one after other? Should I begin with the oldest, my father story first? Finally, it is not the chronology what is most important, but in which way the surprise will be more effective. Does the last picture kill or help the whole? How can dust show when the car is stuck? That will be my next speech.

It is a wonderful process when a story is cooking, parts can be moved around, words changed, decisions made. I told the story, without the middle one, the car stuck, many times as I was going around as Pathways Ambassador from club to club. Showing only the repairman with his small hammer at my window, that was in fact my misdirection, without any words attached to it. I did succeed to make laugh and by that also lower the tension. 

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