5 Feb 2019

Details about the Engaging with Humor path

While I am still waiting to get the path, the details on the 11th path are already available, and the path "in its place". Now, I got it! 

Here are the titles of the new Required Projects.
You wonder about the Project descriptions? They are surprising! I found them in the Tutorials and Resources. As it is "material"
After looking at the nice cover, I had to launch the "material" and got the answer. 

This one is from Level 5 and ask us to deliver a 18 to 22 Keynote like message with humor in it. 

The Level 4 as all about adding impromptu humor, giving two different Table Topics answer with Humor.

As much as the "humor" Required Projects begin only at level 2 "Know your sense of humor" and "Connect with your Audience" a very improved Level 2 in my opinion, we can begin at level 2 to think about our connection with Humor in our lives and our speeches. But from the break the ice we can try to remember!

I found The Project Descriptions through Tutorials and Resources! 

Here is the one from Level 4: The power of Humor in Impromptu speech. 
But we will begin to discover Our Sense of Humor from Level 2 on!
Only the Introduction to Mentoring remains in Level 2 the two others are replaced. Yuppy! 

I realize now, that the new Summit team is listening, and we got better and better Levels and Projects. 

Level 2 was my less loved till now, no more! It is changing.

Happy evening, interesting informations, now let us see what we do with it, how we use the new path. 

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Elizabeth Jordan said...

Useful first look at the EH Path. Happy that we get to start engaging with humour from L2.