5 Feb 2019

Details about the Engaging with Humor path

While I am still waiting to get the path, the details on the 11th path are already available, and the path "in its place". Now, I got it! 

Here are the titles of the new Required Projects.
You wonder about the Project descriptions? They are surprising! I found them in the Tutorials and Resources. As it is "material"
After looking at the nice cover, I had to launch the "material" and got the answer. 

This one is from Level 5 and ask us to deliver a 18 to 22 Keynote like message with humor in it. 

The Level 4 as all about adding impromptu humor, giving two different Table Topics answer with Humor.

As much as the "humor" Required Projects begin only at level 2 "Know your sense of humor" and "Connect with your Audience" a very improved Level 2 in my opinion, we can begin at level 2 to think about our connection with Humor in our lives and our speeches. But from the break the ice we can try to remember!

I found The Project Descriptions through Tutorials and Resources! 

Here is the one from Level 4: The power of Humor in Impromptu speech. 
But we will begin to discover Our Sense of Humor from Level 2 on!
Only the Introduction to Mentoring remains in Level 2 the two others are replaced. Yuppy! 

I realize now, that the new Summit team is listening, and we got better and better Levels and Projects. 

Level 2 was my less loved till now, no more! It is changing.

Happy evening, interesting informations, now let us see what we do with it, how we use the new path. 


Elizabeth Jordan said...

Useful first look at the EH Path. Happy that we get to start engaging with humour from L2.

Unknown said...

Thank you!

One point I would mention, I bought the path online and signed up for the Tall Tales contest, only to find out that the path does not start with any humor guidance. The first project is only the Icebreaker, with no humor tips. I had expected some humor suggestions in every project, even the first one, especially since you can't skip ahead to read about the humor tips in a digital pathways version. I think I have my first topic for my Icebreaker.