4 Feb 2019

Remember! Everyone does not know what we do.

Very interesting and informative webinar yesterday. And of course, even I learned something. Each of us got something different from our Pathways Projects. 

Mark Snow's one hour in Europe through a webinar. Why do not invite him in person?

I was present, of course, between many many but most of them were "undercover". They did not personalize their Zoom, so we could not see even their picture, and did not open their video so we could see them. Only less the 5 did I "see" even if I knew some.

I also learned, not to presume that every toastmaster know what we know, everyone heard it, read it, even if did not experienced it. Yet.

Here is Annelise Level 1. I am proud of it. Annelise was the one who printed me so many pages, 20 month ago, 19 month ago, and brought me home, till I did not buy a printer yet. 

She printed the old Navigator pdf, George Marshal many pages about paths and projects, the first projects I begun. And looked at them "so much to read!" then at the screen and declared "Yes, like this is easier to absorb, a big image and less text near it. Bit by bit, I think I could do it. 

Finally, now as you see, she did it. And some of the tasks in English, others in French, as one of her clubs is bilingual. The other, just chartered recently. 

She does know, that there are Levels in each Path, five Levels, and that after each we get an Award. She does not feel the need to know in advance, have all, likes to get to the projects when their time come. She had grown so much, got so much courage to speak in public and to lead, since she begun Toastmasters. 

Why someone thought, probably not the only one that in Pathways there is only one award, DTM ? Because we hear "only DTM remains from the traditional education program" - or the old as I call it already, even if it is still "on" for 17 month for those who were Toastmasters before Pathways launched in their Regions. Where their awards go? All awards won, remain with them, even if they do not show near their names. Will not. 

For all of us who begin Pathways, we get now very fast a lot of awards, after every three (sometimes two longer) Projects, one award! 

In 2018 only, I got 14 Pathways awards, as much as in my "before pathways all years". For triple crown worth of awards! The year before, at least same, all from pathways. As I finished 5 paths, it is 5 x 5 and add to it that I am now at Level 4 of three other path... plus 3 x 3 then. That adds up to a lot. Went to look, in total 33 Pathways Awards. My last L3 for the French LD

Getting awards after awards, takes work but it seems so "normal" to me that I do not even bother to mention, most of the time. Not when I got the first one, Level 1 as Annelise now, and were, still am very proud of it. 

So, let it know, we do work on it, but we do get many awards in the new education system! We do not work for awards, but they are all welcome. Did you know, by the way, that Mark finished all the ten paths? 

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